Trip 3 to Canada

I am sitting at CL’s desk typing away catching up on my emails, and talking to WL about how to be a Canadian. Got to be on my best to meet CL’s poppa. Remember it is DECKAL not DEECAL. CL has one of those crappy keyboards that does not have the INSERT key in the right location. it is killing my PROductivity. How am I supposed to paste things with out that key? Riddle me that batman.

I really need to get the smiley face stuff all loaded in here like David has. those are very nice.

Yesterday I left Redmond at 1400 and got here at 1900 took me 5 hours to get here, was like one big long parking lot the entire way. Was miserable. Only takes CL like 2 hours to get to Seattle from here going against traffic. Oh well it is worth it to get to watch her do her hour potion routine in the mornings, and have this nice lazy morning. 1100 and we are just not about ready to go out and do something. I am normally having lunch by this time of the day.

Have a few good links today.
Some bits about the teenage mind
Man with a padlock on his Nuts for 2 weeks

Now we are off to meet CL’s Dad.

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