Dinner One with the Hines

I really need to pee. Maybe I should get up from the computer and do that. Or maybe I should just sit here and type yet another mindless story about what ever it is that I did yesterday and this morning. Well I cannot really mention on this morning on this blog, maybe I should start another one to mention those types of things. I can say that someone mentioned that Saturdays party will be in an industrial space, with things like racks and such, and that white was not an advisable colour to wear.

I digress, back to the my original sub plot of how well yesterday went. Other then me falling sleep in the car on the drive there and missing going over a lake that CL says is nice and pretty, we had a great time. I got to partake in my hobby of abusing small Children. Came away with a nice little war wound from all of the child horse play. The little one scratched my neck, and the middle on stained my Shirt with Black Berries.

CL has a very well mannered father. We got along very well, him having a very similar background to my parents. Is going to be a bit rough that he cannot come across the border, but oh well that will just give us a nice excuse to come back up here every once and a while and hang out with the Hine family. Maybe we can manage to accompany them on a nice fishing trip.

We had a splendid dinner. Home grown French onion soup that was simply perfect, a salad, some corn, chicken cordon blue, followed by a nice black wafer and whip cream cake. Then we talked some more out on the back deck, while the little one fell sleep on moms lap. Then came home. I think that I fell sleep in the car again until CL blew her nose and freaked me out. It sounded like she ran into a guard rail. Once my heart slowed down, I went back to my nap.

Now we are off to have some Eggs benedict.

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