Getting Old??

Bob called me old this morning, or was it last night, either way when ever he called me that I read it this morning. As I sit at my desk feeling all tired and worn out it kind of sunk in a bit. Something is changing here.

I had a good time in Canada this weekend. Meet CL’s dad, his wife, and kids. He is very similar to my own father it would seem, in both views on life and occupation. We got along very well, or so I think that we did, maybe I will hear his side of the story another time. Then we went and looked at minis I think that we are going to have to get a convertible. They actually have a tiny bit of trunk space, and some good stereo. They come in a nice orange that we both like, and have a 6 speed manual transmission. The gentle man who was helping us out told me “you had better get the manual” after I asked how the steering wheel automatic flip shift thing worked.

Back to being old, or having stuff change. I know that my sleep habits are changing a bit, my food tastes are a bit different, and now bob tells me that I am old because I don’t want to change one of my old key board habits. For years and years cut and paste to me have been SHIFT + INSERT and SHIFT + DELETE. I whined about a keyboard that was missing the insert key this weekend, and about my unwillingness to change. Bob being the great man that he is, tells me that not wanting to change is a sign of getting old.

Damit Bob, now I have to rethink everything again, you are always doing this to me.

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