The Biggest Yet

A Bank in Brazil seems to have misplaced about 68 million dollars :)y over the weekend. Give an unknown group of people the title of largest biggest single reported theft. In recent history. This stuff gets me completely enthralled, these kinds of thefts take a massive amount of logistics to pull off. Police estimate that the men spent 3 months digging the tunnel to get from a rented house to the back. That the tunnel was 80 some odd meters long.

Look a just a few of things that had to be done

  • First off they had to find a bank that had a large cash reserve, and thing that is becoming more rare all the time.
  • They had to find a place to dig from , and to dig to
  • The tunnel had to stay on track and end up at the right place to avoid detection and miss hitting other things in the ground
  • When the tunnel was done they had to wait for the right time to break into the bank
  • The right people had to chosen for the job
  • What do you do with the dirt and how do you get materials into the house with out being detected
  • How do you get out, what do you do when you are out with the money

    Those are just a few of the things that you are going to have to think about. Some day I want to sit down with Trenton and plan one of these, just to show him how fun planning and logistics can be.

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