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I got a bunch of links and random thoughts and such, The list keeps getting bigger and bigger, and nothing seems to be coming off of it. And right now my hands seem to smell like a dirty dish cloth. Might have something to do with me cleaning out the sink. Maybe I should wash them so that as I pick my nose I don’t have to smell them. One of the things that we do at work is that we make things look pretty when we write them.

Here is my Quick list of topics / links and some Quick thoughts on each one.

  • CL and I have some different views on the displaying of the flags. She does not grasp the US obsession with displaying our flags. So I have been making a point of pointing out all of the Canadian flags that we see when we are up in Canada. She is still not convinced. I told her that we in the USA even have flag etiquette guidelines for our flag, I am sure that Canada has something similar, but I was too lazy to look that up.
  • Everything is about being heard and what kind of attention you can get, in an effort to bring more awareness to their eating style some not so attractive but female Vegans are trying to make a big splash by dressing less and doing it as a group. I would personally say that not one of them is very attractive. But it is not that bad of an effort.
  • Last week in one of my groups there was a debate about the push to introduce intelligent design into education US education systems as an alternative explanation to the proven theory of evolution. I think the debate is a mute point that there should be no inclusion of the theory in schools as it is some crap based on a book written by men who wanted to make rules to control. Religion bugs me to no end. But the Tom in his wisdom posted a link to The Flying Spaghetti Monster another opposing theory that I think would be great to include in school systems to show how truly insane the religion based theories are ..
  • do you want to post a secret ? or maybe read someone’s? This site allows you do this in the form of a post card. To save you the time here is my secret
  • Electronic Techno video given with no comments
  • who would pay $100m? Space Adventures‘ market research suggests that at least 1,000 people could afford to do so. Whether any of these billionaires are also brave enough to venture into deep space, and to the far side of the moon, remains to be seen.

    Well that is my list for now with a few quick thoughts, Maybe If I get a few tuits I will write some more on these topics, maybe not. For now I am on my back on the couch waiting for my back to stop hurting. I some how hurt it last night sleeping? Getting old or something. Looking forward to The Seattle Tattoo Expo it is one of the places that CL and I plan on visiting this weekend. I wonder what we might come home with? How much cash should we carry with us.

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