Back Hurties

I seem to still be stuck on the couch, in pain. Oh well Not much else to do round here while all of our house guests are sleeping. I think that we made it to bed :)claround 0100 or so last night, after M got done adding more colours to her hair. Did not get much of a chance to give CL a proper welcome back to Seattle night last night, as my back is really hurting me. Was even hard to lay on my side to snuggle with her. What ever it is I did it sure is being mean to me. Must have been some odd dream of something that has manifested it self into real life trauma. :)his:)bo

The plan for today is to go to a Big and Tall shop down town to shop for B, and then maybe a few other specialty shops to shop for the rest of us, a visit to the Tattoo expo:)w, hoping that I don’t end up with something, then off to a birthday party in the abbey. All in all should be a good day If I can manage to move around that much, and stay up. Having had my usual issues with sleep, and getting up at 0500 this morning.

Off to play. Maybe more details in the next 24 hours. No clue when we will get home and what kind of shape we will be in. I think that the east lake bar and grill sounds good for breakfast.

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