Fatpill + FooseBall

What was I thinking when I bought the 3 pound bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups that is currently sitting on my desk. If I had a camera I would take a picture and post here for all too see and drool at, but I don’t have a pocket camera any more. Hope to get one soon. Found a killer deal on a Canon SD400 I got one for 230$ with a 2 year warranty. Don’t normally get those but I love my camera too much to be with out one every again, and the last 2 that I bought broke. It has been a very sad time for me with out a camera. 10$ says that this camera does not use the same battery charger as my last camera the Canon SD200

Last night was the first night of my time with Trenton. I get him for the rest of the month. He has foot ball practice from like 6-8 every night in PO. Which is about 1.5 hours with a ferry in the middle from work. I have a house over there, and my parents live there, so I am going to commute for the next few weeks. Got up this morning at 0300 in anticipation of the having to get out of bed at 0410 to get to a ferry at 0500. What a morning. Not tired at all yet. We will see how tired I get after a few more days of this.

The boy needs some work with his foot ball methods, but he is excited about it, and having fun. Plus he is getting some great exercise and feels better about him self. All around a win. Now If we can just teach him to tackle people better and not shy away. He needs to run at them screaming and plow people over.
My goal is to be on my back, because he put me there by the end of the month.

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