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In the course of the last week I have some how amassed another 20 or so links of interest to post to a blog entry. Maybe I should just do a weekly wrap up of good links and make that a regular post. I sure do come up with some interesting links. I blame all of my groups for all of the lists, well them and William. He can be blamed for just about everything. That evil Canadian man.

  • I got into Wikis this week and created one for Exchange. Called it the WLKMMAS WIKI So far is a fun project
  • Brains have been a bit topic in my thoughts as of late, and I am always into learning more about how they work. Some one sent me a link about the Development of the Teenage mind It was a great read.
  • Even Bums need to make money, and we would all love if they would stop begging for money at street corner. One can only tell them to get a job too many times. How about this idea for bums making money while they stand there Bumvertising
  • Japanese robotics geeks create a skin layer that can give sense of touch in the form of feed back to computer. This will allow for all kinds of new intelligent grabbing machines, and is one step closer to building great love dolls for people like Clint who have need of them.
  • More about Japanese kids and the odd things that they do. This time we have a practice that the kids like to called being a Kancho warrior. Kancho translating to mean enema. It is a practice of sticking fingers up other kids butts. If he still has bandwidth to give you can read more about this teachers adventures.
  • The last one for now is the announcement this week of a movie for 2007 based on the very popular game Halo Video game
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