My commute to work

I have been commuting for Trenton the past bit, here is what that commute looks like as of this morning. I wake up at about 3:50 and wait for about 20 minutes till 4:10 when I get out of bed and do my bathroom stuff. Then I walk down stairs and get my cell phone from the charger, pick a shirt from my laundry pile, and then put on all of my riding gear, and walk out to my bike. This morning is a clear cold morning. Lookup you are can see the stars and moon as it fades from a full moon back to just a sliver. Enough with the trivial details.
Ride to the petrol station and fill up the tank, 2.5 gallons, and 110 miles on the odometer. The morning rides from Port Orchard seem to be a bit more expensive in gas then the rides from the Fremont house. I blame it all on I90, and this guy who rides a black ZRX1100, We shall call him MrZ. I get to the ferry just in time to ride right on the boat, crawl up the stairs find a nice comfy bench for my self, lay down on it and proceed to snore.
The sleep on the ferry is different from my normal sleep it is not very deep. I can hear my self snore and stop the snoring if I want, and I have a much greater control / impact on my dreams. It is kind of fun to be both sleeping and aware of what is going on at the same time. The ferry ride is about 45 minutes across the bay, with a short stop in Vashon island to get more people and offload some weirdoes.
The change of the speed of the boat for the second time singles me to wake up and mosey down to the bike to ride into work. Off of the ferry rolls about 40 bikes this morning. We are all in a pretty tight pack all the way through west Seattle until we get the last light before the west Seattle bridge. By that time a bunch of us have been separated by lights, and peeling off to go to other places. This morning there are 5 us in a pack going around the first corner on near the steel plant at the base of the bridge. We hold about 62 through this corner then pop up to about 80 by the top of the bridge. With one slow spot on the climb as we all had to go around a car doing the speed limit.
By the end of the bridge there is only one bike left behind me that I can see. It is MrZ. We travel for about a mile down I5 till we exit on I90. Once on I90 we move quickly across 3 lanes of traffic to the left as we start to enter a turn at about 75mph. Out of the turn onto the strait for a 1/10 of a mile before we turn the other way. This turn we take at about 80mph, then once we are out of it we roll back on the throttle and pick up speed to about 110 in the tunnel. MrZ has passed me in the last turn.
He is a much faster rider then I am, which is good it lets me work on getting faster as I have someone to chase after. As we reach the end of the tunnel and start onto he bridge we have slowed down to 85mph or so. As we fly across the bridge looking for the holes in traffic that will keep us from having to slow down at all. At the other end of the bride is another tunnel with a curve to it.. we take the turn this morning at 90mph and then hold that speed for the next few miles till we come to the I90 I405 interchange where we have to slow a bit to change 4 lanes from the HOV lane to the exit lane while in a deep turn. As soon as we come out of the turn we speed up to about 110 again to pass a truck before we have to get in front of him and go around a 90 degree turn and get onto I405. we take this turn at about 60 or so as it has good angles and great arch to it.
We speed back up on 405 for a bit till MrZ peels off to his exit and then a mile later I get onto 520 and come into Redmond, just looking for another reason to go fast.
After I get off of the freeway and come to the first stop light there is a car in the lane that I want to be in at the light and no one in the other lane. I get in the free lane as the light turns green, and I lift up the front end of the bike, and change lanes on one wheel in first gear doing about 65mph. Then tap the rear brakes some bring the front end down in time to turn onto campus, and get my spot in the parkade, and start my work day. It is not about 10 till 6am.

I LOVE the freedom of a good ride.. 👿

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