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Have had Trenton the last 2 weeks doing the football thing, that has pretty much consumed my life. Not much fun to report. Well There is the bit about the new Sigma 50-500MM telephoto lens and I quote “oh my what a big lens you have”
Big Lens
This thing is fan fucking tastic. I am totally in love with this lens. While it is only about 10xs optical zoom, it captures such amazingly high quality images that you can do a 100xs or more digital zoom and not lose any image quality.
My Excuse for getting this bad boy was of course the need to get great foot ball shots, and record new bits of my life in crystal clear quality. Because of the larger photos and such I had to redo my methods for uploading and sharing pictures. I upgraded to gallery v2 which has a SQL backend and then I found a utlity from Microsoft that allows me to batch resize images with a right click. Very nice.

Now for a few Links, as I do love links.

  • Some one did a Top 10 Sex toy list I found it to be mildly accurate. But I am sure that more testing and such will be required over time to verify the lists findings.
  • some one took some time to screen cap this very bad translation…
  • Trenton and I totally have to do this urban ninjas thing. I could imagine the great pictures and video clips that we could get.
  • here is a nice odd one, how to make Cheese in one hour I find the great ones.

    Oh we did go to a great party this weekend at my old Boss Bill’s house. Was a great time, all of the old crew from JLS was there. Lots of nerd power in that room, then a few of us got a bit drunk. We played some Texas hold um. Trenton got a bit into it and had to buy in twice and really wanted to buy in for a third. That poor boy is going to be a gambling addict I am thinking. We better beat that before it becomes an issue.

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