I was monetarily robed and mentally raped :@:bomb:@:yikes last night. CL and I walked up to the mall here in Vancouver and bought a some rings, and I had some sesame chicken that was to die for!! Then we walked back to her place, on the way back we stopped in to CL’s office. She wanted to show me the place, I had other intentions. We did not stay to long. On the way out to the elevator CL notices that her keys are still in the office, and the office door has locked it self. We are now keyless, and as it would be homeless since we cannot get into her home with out the keys.
CL called up her boss Gordon who as it happens was going to be down town in about 3 hours for some salsa dancing. He has keys to get us back in the office so we are safe. We now have 3 hours to kill and it is only about 15 out and CL is starting to shiver. A movie was on the list of things to do that night any how so we walked back up to where we just were and looked for a movie.
It is not about 6:15 and we need to be back at the office by 9:00. that means we are looking movie run times and start times more then we are looking at movies to watch. A movie called A Sound of Thunder fit the time slot perfectly. The only good thing about this movie visit was that I got to try Poutine Which is some fries from Burger king with cheese and gravy poured over the top. Strange that it would be so fatty and be a French dish.

The movie was SOOO bad that it have to keep talking about it. The premise of the movie is that time travel has been commercialized by a rich guy who uses it to host safaris that go back in time to kill dinosaurs. They go back in time once a day to kill the same dino and never run into them selves, they kill a dino about to die from a volcano blast that happens 5 minutes after they kill the dino. One time they go back and someone kills a butterfly that some how changes all of evolution. Don’t even get me started on that, we all know that god created man. :@:hypnotized But this movie actually had the audacity to say that evolution was real.
The next major what the fuck was that time changes from this butterfly in waves, that happen every 24 hours. 24 hours yes because we all know that god made earth and that we are the center of the universe. Every 24 hours a wave hits that brings new life forms but does not effect what is there life form wise or the buildings. Seems that time is limited by the complexity of organisms and has to be bring the basic life forms back first. One of the fist animals to come back is the monkeysaurs, with the body of a raptor and the face of a gorilla. With skin harder the steel, expect on its neck that is ” it’s only weakness” the movie only gets worse from there.
It seems that they time travel device breaks from being flooded so they remove the hard drive that is the size of a briefcase, yes things get bigger in the future, and they take the drive to a university that has a particial accelerator, that just happens to take the same hard drive. Even better then that, the particial accelerator even has a chair in it, no clue what that is for. Then we go back in time and save the butter fly.
A sound of thunder has to be the worse movie that I have ever seen. Had we not been there solely to kill time I would have got up and left and DEMANDED my money back. :@:banghead

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