What Happens in Mexico

Ever have one of those days where all you wanted to do was site around and watch country music videos? Only you are trapped at work with no access to a TV that has CMT. Well have I got the answer for you. http://www.americanmusicchannel.com has a great bit of country music videos that you can download and watch when ever you want too. We love this. YEAH!!!
This week was a bit hectic, had a PT visit on Monday, then another one on Friday, and in the middle of that I got to have an Echo on my heart and a Bubble study. OF course there was some football in the middle too, and a drive to the airport, and some removing car hair from things. I might have spent like one night at home this week? I don’t really remember.
This weekend will be the last Canada trip!!! YEAH!!! I cannot wait to be able to stay home for a change and relax. It is getting here so fast.. mmm

Some other links

  • being the total nerd dad that I am, I have to get my kid one of these for foot ball season a head impact sensor that has the ability to page me if he is hit too hard.
  • Perpedicular magnetic data storage has been around since the 50’s but it is not finally being applied to hard drives. This will lay way for 1.76” drives that can store more then 80GB of data. By making a bunch more room on the disk.
  • Ms interns video Some interns here at MS made this kind of entertaining video about thier summer of work at Microsoft.
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