Not allowed back into the USA

This story starts out Saturday after watching Trenton in his first football scrimmage. The boy did real good, I was proud of him. At about 1300 or so after some great grilled cheese sandwiches Clint and I left Port Orchard on the Ferry. We stopped by my place to get my passport, and unload some stuff from the van. Then we got going. At about Everet we hit traffic that was a dead stop, not that deep we must be right at the right at the start of it. We notice cars in front of us swerving on the shoulder to go around something in the road.

Fish Heads

The Road is covered in fish heads, and smell is something awe full. After we got around that we rolled the windows down to get the smell out of the Van, only to find that the smell is getting worse. I start to gag, and am about to throw up, 😳 so I plugged my nose and took shallow breaths so that I Did not taste the fish smell. This smell is getting worse , the further from the spill that we go. Until it starts to rain on the front of the VAN, it is not clean rain it is like a muddy water, then a fish head hits the windshield. I am thinking that it was stuck in some ones car. Then more heads hit the Van. This is getting bad. Off to our Right is a semi tractor towing a very long dump bed filled with dead fermented fish. Looks like he hit the brakes too hard and the fish all slide forward and covered the cab of the truck. And there is a big pile of guts on the truck that keeps falling off. At the this point me pukeing is pretty much going to happen. We sped by the truck as fast as we could, and carried on. Eventually the smell left the van.:@:wave

In Vancouver

We got into Vancouver around 1700 or so, and were a bit hungry. After sharing our story with CL we walked down the street to a Mexican restaurant, on the corner and had a great meal. In a Canadian fashion the chips and salsa was about ¼ the size of the American version, not salted, and it was not bottom less. We TOTALLY have food consumption wrong in the states. After dinner we took a Quick nap. CL explained to Clint my napping powers. Such a Gift that I have there. I was woken up by a phone call that vibrated me out of my sleep.
Then we did all of our primping and getting ready to head out on the town and have a bit of some fun. We left the apartment and got a condo and headed down to the other side of town to a place called < a href="> The Cecil Hotel it is a fine establishment feature girls lacking in clothing and expensive drinks. This is by far the BEST one of these that I have ever been too. For one there was no smoke in the place, and for two the girls were not constantly on top of you trying to get money out of you. In fact the only lap dance that I was offered in the 4 or so hours that we were there, was the one that my bride to be offered to get me that I turned down. GREAT place.
From there we walked back to the apartment and stopped into a few places on the way back. Got Clint some Poutine. Finally made it home and passed out.

A VERY long day

Clint has been well trained by the Miller family, he got up at about 0730 and we got CL up after that, and started out day with potions. I went down to the move the Van to a different parking spot that did not charge money while the showers were going on. While at the van I come to find that someone broke out a window and removed the stereo and registration from the van.:@:hissyfit:@:banghead:@:bomb:@:yikes Last weekend while up here someone took the stereo from Clint’s truck. Vancouver and stereos seem to not mix well. #%%$%[email protected]&
Next is a visit to the Zen café in Kipsilano. That make the best breakfast mmmmm good. Then we drove down the beach till we made it to a beach with a great view of the city. Headed back to the apartment and proceeded to load all of CL’s Stuff into the VAN. Took a bit but we got all done, and then headed for the border. This is where the real mess started.
The fine gentle man at the border found a wedding invitation in the car after about 40 minutes of going through every thing. They did not like this, and denied my the right to come back in to the USA. Told me that I had to remove the stuff my vehicle before I would be allowed back in. :@:hissyfitCL is about to get on a train at this time, and since there is only one person in all of Canada with her name, and with the border guard handing me a wedding invitation I get a bit nervous. Call her and tell her to proceed as planned. We are going to get her into the states one last time.
We get a hold of CL’s dad, and he is fine with us stashing some of the stuff at his place for a few months till we can figure out how to get it back into the USA. None of it was very mission essential any how. We meet up with Keith at an Esso station and he leads us back to his place where we unload BS for a bit, then he leads us down to the boarder at Sumac. We thank Keith the life saver one more time then head to the boarder once again.
I tell the boarder guy that there has to be a note on my file he laughs at me and says “yup sure is” Sends me back inside where the van is searched again. This time they say that we can head back to the USA. CL is not on a train getting close to Seattle. So we drive like the wind to try to beat her into Seattle so that we can pick her up.

Home to the USA

Normally I would call Clint my go to guy and have him get her for me, incase I was not there. Well Clint is with me, and my back up go to guy is in Mexico, and I have his Van with a busted out window. Clint and I have not eaten since about 1000 and we are hungry. With no radio we talk a lot and start to talk about Jack in the box. And look there is one right in front of us. We stop and buy WAY too much food that we proceeded to eat in the Van on the way home.
We got back to the Condo with about 4 minutes to unload, we busted balls unloaded and then sent Clint and the VAN back to Port Orchard to be repaired. He just made the ferry to get home. Thanks Clint!!! I get online and figure out where the heck the Amtrak station is at in down town Seattle. Then I setup CL’s bed in our room, and find a home for the stuff that did make it down, I find 2 sweaters to wear and get the Zoo and head on down there. When I get there and there are some people out front with bags, I ask where they are from and they say Vancouver, we just got in. I found CL on the pay phone calling me. Great timing. Load her and her bags up in the zoo, we head home, clean up, and go to bed and pass out..

What a long day… And this week is going to be a lot of the same…

Thanks to all of the Peeps that made the great weekend possible :@:praise

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