After the Weekend

After the mess of a weekend this is where we stand now

  • The dress and stuff made it down here just fine Via FedEx
  • CL has a new phone en-route to be delivered to her tomorrow while she is in Port Orchard. Her phone looks like this
  • Clint got a new stereo for the Van already
  • I just found window for the van from a place called Absolute German over here in Seattle. CL can take that over to Port Orchard tomorrow and give that Clint so he can fix the van, while she gets her dress altered, then I show up and we go to the court house to get a license, then to the back to get some money, then home to get food ready, then back out to get the boy, then home to eat, then off to foot ball practice again. What a life we live.
  • And on the good news I switched all of my insurance over to Geico and yes I did save a bunch of money, about 1200$ a year all said and done, plus I got better coverage then I had before. Called the old place and told them that I wanted to cancel and they said ok. 2 minutes later we were done with the operation.
  • I think that I need to get Clint a ticket to Guys night out to say thanks for all that he has done.
  • Tried to open a back account for CL but we need more paper work before we can do that. Maybe we can do that end of the year if we are lucky. :@:banghead
  • Tonight we have to teach CL how to drive a Stick. This should be fun!!!

    So far things are going well with CL being in the house. It will be nice when things calm down and are a bit more normal. But then are things every normal in the life of a Miller? Thursday we Pick up CL’s mom, then Friday more mess starts… Should be fun.

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