So cute

So cute
Don’t we just look so cute together. Just think, this was like 4 hours before that night mare of the weekend started. Now that you have oggeled how cute we are you can take a peak at some of my links from the last week. Don’t even ask where I get these things because I really don’t know my self. But some of them are pretty cool I Think

  • some really great 3d side walk art. I need to get me some of this at home Great side walk stuff
  • Snow porn is the best Snow Porn
  • This is some odd Suzie home maker stuff here boys and girls. This gal folds in like 2 seconds flat, and they seem to come out near perfect. How to fold a Shirt in Japanese
  • Online crack is something that I have tried to avoid getting involved with for the last many years. The Xbox Live service is as close as I have come to getting into it. But this sounds kind of cool, Second life with the ability to create anything you want, and to exchange online currency for real currency. If you were to develop a plot of virtual land, and people wanted to come visit your land you could in reality make money from it. This then goes back to a saying that seems to creep into my thoughts all the time. “We have jobs and do things today that were not even imaginable 100 years ago.” With that being true what is out there 100 years from now that we have no clue about.
  • Lots of interesting pictures and such in the folder if you have the time to browse it. fun Pics and stuff Some of this might not be safe for work
  • Some pictures of people on the street, and then a blerb about their random thoughts Read “About the project” to get context. Of what this site is all about. I just liked the pictures. Me and Pictures we are hommies.
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