We got Married

As William so elegantly put it ” On September 17, 2005 Kevin and CL were married on the beach in La Push Washington. In front of a small group of close friends, and family ”
Here is a Quick low down of how it all happened. Started about Tuesday of the week when CL’s dress showed up at mom and dad’s house. Wednesday CL went over early and dropped the dress off to be altered. Thursday she got it back and came back over to Seattle in Tyler’s Van that Clint and I fixed the night before. I got home from work, and we went down town and picked up CL’s mom. Friday we took off to the airport to drop off Tyler and Jissi’s car, and then we drove around to Port Orchard.
We had some foods in the PO, then loaded up in the VAN and took off to La Push. We got there about 4 or so, and unpacked and went to hang out on the beach. Clint, Ang, Darren, Trenton, and Tiff got up a bit later, and had a great story about how Trenton Threw up in front of a cop and got them out of a ticket. Trenton got in and went strait to bed with a fever. Thankfully the fever broke the next day and he was fine.
We had a great big 54 egg breakfast in the morning, and played some cards, and hung out the beach. Till time was right to cook up dinner and get ready for the ceremony.
We had some Lasagna for dinner. During the Dinner Clint and I did some last minute rewrites of the wedding ceremony.
Then it was time, right as the sun was setting we were married on the beach. Me bare foot in pants, and CL in sandals and a gorgeous dress. She looked so good as she came out onto the beach and walked up to stand in front of me. It was just what we both wanted a small Quick ceremony. After the ceremony we all sat on the beach around a fire, and had some cake. I made Trenton give a speech as he was my best man. Special thanks to Tyler for helping him out with that. He did great. After the fire, when it had gotten too cold we went in side and played some poker till the wee hours of the night.

I personally had never wanted to do this again, then I meet CL, and I could not wait to be wed again. Life with her is about as good as I could hope for. It is very rare that you are able to find a partner who only adds to your life and does not take away.

Thanks every one who showed up and helped to give us such a wonderful day.

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