Get out my ROOM!!!

Stay the Fuck out of my Bedroom, or where ever else I choose to fornicate, or do what ever it is at the time that me and my partner find appropriate. I have a very strong dislike of legislation that inflicts someone else’s morality and sexual ideas on me. This rant brought to you by BushCo and his new war on sexuality. Who needs to have law enforcement stoop things like theft, and violence. What we really need is for law enforcement to surf the web for porn and then have it removed from the web as it might harm someone.
One of my more favorite websites has recently been harassed by the FBI and told that they need to remove a number of photos that show bondage :@:hypnotized and some other things. The photos and topics at this site are not done in a crude manor, they are most of the times artistic and great photo sets. What the hell is wrong with my engageing in this if I choose to, and it harms no one else?:@:eyepopping:?:
Some of the views and opinions that lead people to a site like this boarder on a religious belief in some other then the all mighty fucked in the head bible. That seems to be something that needs that has to jammed down out throats, and have laws based on it to make it stick in our heads as it is the only way to salvation.

What a complete waste of my tax dollars, and resources that could be doing something useful like getting bike my stolen motorcycles, stereos, and all of the other things. Or spent better controlling those that abuse that power that they buy from tax payers. Stay the hell out of my bedroom, and if you get that black book near me I will burn it and then pee on the ashes.

SarcasticNOTE I am not at all annoyed right now.

I just want to scream, and then leave the Country. 10 more years, then I am out.:@:banghead:@:hissyfit:@:bomb:mad:

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