Cute New MINI

We went out and bought our first ever new car the weekend before this one. A 1995 Mini Cooper S. The S means that costs a heap more then the normal ones, that the battery is in the back and that on top of the engine is a nice Super Charger and an Intercooler. Gives it a bunch more horseies powers so that it can keep up with the big cars. I call it a super charged roller skate, a friend of mine called it a dingy for a Caddy. Not sure which description I like better, but I am certain that the car is great!! It has some crazy nutty options like

  • Heated seats
  • Head lights that self level as you drive, they even come and off depending on lighting conditions
  • A little beeper that goes off as you back up and get near things
  • Cool computer that calculates average, and current mileage

    Now that we have the car, and to get a break from the Hellish schedule that we have kept the past month or so we are headed on a road trip. Going to leave Seattle and head down to lake Shasta, Lake Tahoe, through some of the Mt passes in California, through Sonoma, into death valley, then over to Vegas to see William. Then back into California through Big bear, then down into Palm springs and Palm desert, by the Sultan sea, into San Diego to stay with the Eties, Then up the coast to see Laguna beach, LA, Hollywood, San Francisco, Monterey, along the coast to some red woods, then home. Should be a good week long trip!!!

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