BIG boats

Look at this pretty a 200 plus foot personal submarine, now that is much better then a boat right? When the waters get rough you can just go under them and not have to worry about rough waters, or say you drop something off of the side, well you can just take your boat right down to the bottom and get it. Now that is true coolness.

But what good is a submarine if you don’t have a boat to haul it in? what is what Paul Allen was thinking when he had Octopus created. His 400foot Mega yacht build. This thing gives me a hard on just thinking about it. 200 million dollars to build, so by the numbers at 10% a year to operate this thing has to cost him like 20 million a year to operate with a permanent crew of 60 I would think that it very well might cost that. If only I could own one of those. If only I could just work on one of those. I miss being in Florida and getting to ride on the big boats as they were being fixed. Had some great clients down there.

None the less right now I cannot afford a boat that big, nore one that would make me happy at all, but Life could Worse I could be in a situation like the gentleman in this story. Closest I have come to that is when I was working with my dad, and I took the lid off of one of the values of the pumper truck and the valve was open, and I got coated with shit at a very high pressure. I was totally covered. But even in that situation there was light, I had a close to clean off with, and was not far from home where I could get dressed again and burn what I was wearing.

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