Day one of the Road Trip

We are currently in the town of Lakeview Elevation 4800, population maybe a few hundred give or take a hundred. We are staying at the best western, first hotel that we have seen in like 100 miles, They took it upon them selves to rape us on the price and charge like 96$ for a one night stay, I guess when you are out in the middle of no where you can rape people who ever you want too.
On the way getting here we came about 10 miles from running out of gas. Even getting 30+ miles to the gallon in the Mini. We filled up about 6 gallons out side of Portland then kept on going, and by the time we hit 395 it was getting dark and late. As we passed fuel stations they were closed, then we see a sign that says 60 miles to the next station. The mini said we had 95 miles left to go till it was empty, at 60 miles we hit a station that was closed….. 20 miles till the next town, at the next town they had gas and were open!!! Thanks go out to Bill for staying late and keeping the place open an extra hour to sell us some gas.
We left Port Orchard at 12:30 about 2 hours later then we had hoped due to some lies by Trenton’s mom about an art project that he had to do today, and that she was going to be there for. Trenton says mom was not at school.. we watched movies today and I was bored. She is such a great gal. CL made Trenton a BLT minus the T so that he had some snacks for the road. We made great time after leaving till we hit Portland where we ran into a bit of traffic. But was not too bad, and did not slow us down that much.
We stopped about 30 miles south of Portland and got some chips and Jamba Juices. That was pretty much dinner as we did not stop for food the rest of the night. The Mini has such great range why stop ?
CL took over driving and missed an exit so we had to make a small detour. Giving that this was her second time driving this car, and about her fifth trip with a stick she did great. We ere going to take a left on 20, but ended up taking a left on 228 and then meeting up 20. No big deal. While CL was driving I hoped in the back and did some work, and then took a 30 minute nap. Till we stopped to pee, then we meet up with 395 and took another left, and that brings us back to the start of this post..

Not too much of note and excitement other then almost running out of gas, rolling over a few frogs, and hitting some huge bugs. Wonder what the car will look like in the morning. It is going to be covered in bug guts.

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