We started off the second day of our journey by thrashing the hotel room that cost us so much money, and then heading out down the street to some tiny diner that served a great breakfast, with a side of home made toast. I almost ordered a second serveing of it. Tasted just like the stuff that momma makes, and the gal serving it loaded it up with butter. It was heavenly, So heavenly that I can still taste it.
From there we hit the road running and drove down the 395 into Reno. We had to stop and get a picture of the Mini by the Welcome to California Sign.

Reno was nothing much to look at, thankfully the road up to and then Tahoe were something to look at. I think that we need to go back to Tahoe for a winter so that we can explore some more, that lake is amazing. Deep blue to match the sky, the sign said that it could be red at times to match the sun set. We did not really stop for long up there as we were in a bit of a rush to get to death valley before sun set. We almost made it but for the most part missed the valley to the dark.
As we came down the first hill into the valley the sun was setting, and in the distance we could see a hundred or so flashing lights, as we got closer we came to find that the lights were all on follow cars following bikes doing a 500 miles one leg race. We rolled the window down and asked the rear car. I was flashing the rear light at everyone as we passed them by to show my support for the ride.
We seem to have missed the road that we were going to take to Vegas, Thankfully as we got on it later and it would have been a night mare at night. We ended up on some back road that eventfully led us to Vegas, where we got to Williams house, and crashed.
Pretty much an entire day dedicated to drive time.. Loved it!!!

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