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Now that was some work. There seems to a minor design error with the mini the error being that it is next to impossible to get from the front of the car to the boot. I had to move the back tray back, then sick my big arm into a tiny hole about half way down the back of the seat, to get a clasp that was hard to pull on because the seat was so tight from the pressure of my arm. But I finally got it open then went into the back and got the laptop, and now here I am about to type up a blog post while traveling down Highway 101 at about 85/130 Miles/Kilometers per hour.
No I am not driving while doing all of this. While some of you might think that is something that I might try it is not something that I have tried. CL is driving, and doing a good job of it to boot. She is right now wiggling in her seat and singing “my milkshake” She sure is a cute one. She looks so good over there in the driver’s seat, if only she had not just had that coffee, I might have to kiss her. Coffee is like Garlic to Kevin, it keeps him away with its fowl smell.

Now with the introduction out of the way here is the full story of this road trip that we have been on for 6 days now. It all started one Sunday as we came home from the lake, and I was checking my email and Aaron had sent me an email that said, that he had found me my car and that I could come pick it up -A blessing and a hardship at the same time. Having had just come out of spending like 12k a month moving CL down here, getting rings, having a wedding, and setting up a house. Here comes a new thing to spend money on that we don’t have. Oh well we needed a car, so we went that day and got the new Mini anyhow, dipping again into my savings account.

We were planning in a few weeks to fly to Vegas, and hang out with William and family for Canadian thanksgiving. Well after the first day of driving the Mini CL suggests that we drive down instead. Seems that we both have a big love for road trips. Got me all excited so I did some planning and called up some friends, and found places to stay all along the way. The plan was the interior of Oregon, Reno, Tahoe, Death Valley, Vegas, San Diego, Laguna beach, San Francisco, Portland then home. We both love a good road trip, and it seems that at 29.7 miles to the gallon that the Mini loves a good road trip.

I had Trenton that weekend, so we decided to bring him with us, He was so great to have in the car. It was a blast to have him on the trip, too bad that we were not able to have him the entire trip. He flew home from Vegas. It was amazing how good he was.

I think that I have posted quick updates for the first few days getting to Vegas, and a bit about touring around Vegas looking at all of the big buildings and the lake. No need to bore you with more details about those legs of the trip, they were fun.

From Vegas we left and drove through Death Valley. We had missed it the first time because of the sun going down a bit early due to some other issues. It was only about 4 hours out of our way to go back through Death Valley the second time. It was much better this time as we were able to see things due to the sun being above us and not on the other side of the planet. There was a great deal more green stuff there then I had imagined, other then the huge white salt flats, and a few very dry places there was something green and growing just about all over the valley.

After we left the valley, linked up with the 15 and then got on another road to Big Bear we finally saw a sand dune, I was expecting more of that in the Valley. Another expected thing that was missing was the shoe tree on the way up to Death Valley at the bottom of the hill. It was not there at all, not that we had any shoes to toss on it, it would have just been cool to show CL the tree. I liked it the last time I drove through Big Bear. The last time was in a Hyundai accent, this time was in a super charged Mini Cooper S.

Some of the finest driving that I have done in a long time. Made it up and down those super windy roads in no time, up shift floor the strait away, down shift tap the brakes, then gas it into the corners, and shift back up as you erupt from the corner. Some great driving. Coming down the mountain was almost as good as going up as the pavement was all fresh, so I had maximum traction and was able to push the limits of the new car. Tahoe was a bunch of fun turns, but they were not as tight and high up as Big Bear.

From Big Bear we came down the mountain and raced to the Eties house, getting in at about 8 o’clock, not much of excitement to report for that leg of the trip at all. Other than the Boring train.. Once at the Eties we had some wine and talked with John and Jim for a bit before heading off to bed. It was cute how CL yelled my name out when she saw the pictures of us on the wall of the guest room. Jim does that for every guest finds pictures of them and puts them up on the wall in the guest room to make guests feel more at home, add to that the super comfy bed, and the Egyptian cotton sheets and you have the best ever guest room. I would know having lived in it for a month once. I was told that I am the second most frequent over night guest of the Zanger Inn.

John took the day off Wednesday, and took us out to get the Mini and his new Xbox washed, then we went out to an out door mall and shopped to get CL a dress for my reunion on Saturday night. John and CL kept pushing me to buy some shoes for CL that cost as much as a new set of tires for the car would cost. I think that we should really consider going into business selling or making name brand clothes the mark up is incredible. There has to be extreme levels of profit there. Maybe instead of using Café Press, I should try to get my own stuff Silk Screened and see if I can make a better profit, we will have to see what we can do about that.

Any how back to the stories, we were went to the mall, then headed on out to Coronado where we walked do to the hotel, then over to the Base fence. We were buzzed by a few planes that were going touch and goes. Coronado is a great beach, super huge with room for a ton of people to watch. During the week there are not too many people so the scenery was not all that it can be, but it was still not too bad. From the beach we went back to the house and watched Starsky and Hutch until Jim got home, then we walked a bit more then a mile up the street to get some great Thai food, then back home to have some Ice cream and watch the show Commander and Chief, a great show that I subscribed too while we were watching it.

One of the great features of Media center is that you can remotely schedule programs though the website. Very cool. After the Ice cream and TV we all headed off to bed and passed out, it was a long day. This trip has been a shift in sleeping patterns. CL passes out at 10 or so, and I have stay up all night not being able to sleep. It has been a while since I had some time off from brain work. This trip has been great for that. Lots of driving, and walking and very little brain work. Because of that I am back to not being able to sleep at all..

That pretty much brings up to today, we took off from the Eties house, and are headed north on 101 to San Francisco to stay with Brian and Michele. We stopped along the way a bit in LA, and at Laguna Beach to show CL the best beach on the West coast of the US.
Thanks for reading. More to come soon as we finish up the trip and eventually make it home.

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