Mini Rocks

I love our Mini, It has this fun travel computer that gives real time and average statistics about the performance of the car. I reset it at the beginning of our road trip and then logged the stats when we got home. Here are some of the statistics that I collected:

  • 2473 miles from Port Orchard to Port Orchard
  • 29.7 miles per gallon average over the trip
  • 59.7 miles an hour average speed. Not bad considering all of the traffic that we got stopped in. An hour behind the narrows Bride on the way home to go 4 miles, at 11 o clock at night. 2 hours to go 8 miles in LA during lunch our.

    And the best newly found feature of the mini is the Auto wipers. The mini has a moisture sensor on the window that turns the wipers on when they are needed. That is so much better then intermittent wipers. This has to be the coolest car I have ever owned.

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