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Fun links, fun links, There are always more new fun links to stuff out on the web. It is always pretty amazing what all you can find on the internet. This week a couple of good ones:

I know that I bought this up once before but it is worth mentioning again I think as I love the Kancho Warrior. Japanese kids are perverted If only more Amercian kids were as open and fun like this.

  • This guy really has That whole God thing figured out. In a very direct to the point way he pretty much says what I think about the insanity of god lovers. They are all a bit nutty, and believe in fairytales if you ask me. But if you want to believe in god I dont see anything wrong with that, for the most part religions are fine for those that believe, I would just like it if they did not feel the need to kill for their gods. The killing and suff is kind of a bummer.
  • Potted meat it looks to be much worse then the every popular SPAM!!!
  • Here is one that I beilve that I am going to need to get for Trenton. How to learn the basics of C programming and play a board game at the same time? The game is called C-Jump
  • If you have an unlimited size and want some good animated gif files here are some star wars movies.
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
  • Nano technology is something that holds a great deal of my interest in my world, it has the ability do a great many things that will in time shape our world, cure desiese, give us unheard of materials and small devices, End and give us the ability to turn back the ageing process. Many things will come from this technology in the future. Here is one of the Leading Nano technology research companies
  • How to tell your sex partners that you have an STD over the internet
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