October Weekly Wrapup

This upcoming weekend is the last weekend of the time vacuum that we call Football. YEAH!! It will be so nice to be able to bring Trenton over to Seattle again, and spend time with him in our own house, and be able to explore Seattle with him. Most of the last weekends have been spent with him in the PO hanging out at mom and dad’s house. It is a great place, but there is something to be said about being at home.
There are ton of things that I have been wanting to take Trenton to over in Seattle. He has yet to take me to the Woodland Park Zoo that is like 3 blocks from the house, and there are all of the other fun places that we can walk too. And or course the killer Sushi place that we went to the other night that I want to take the boy too.

Examples of places that we have walked too in the last week

Last week we went for a walk and I was feeling all frisky, no we did not have sex in the park, but I did try to play Urban Ninja. CL took a couple of fun pictures of me hiding around the park. Look for more of these from Me and Trenton as the winter moves on and he spends more time in Seattle with us.

We took another walk and went to see the Fremont Troll right down the street from our place under the Aurora bride. Got some fun pictures on the Troll, yet another thing that we need to take Trenton to see. Yes That is a real Bug in the hand of the troll.

CL has been painting

Before and After Shots of what it looked like

CL did some great stuff yesterday and now the closet is no longer Purple, it is some colour that I am sure that she knows that name of that I don’t remember. Shame on me. What ever the colour she picked it looks great. She also painted the trim up to be a better white, I could not tell the difference until she showed me side my side. Tonight we will be able to put the shelves and Rods back in there and put our cloths away and clean up the bedroom.
And that is that for my weekly wrap up. I have a ton of links to fun things too, I will get to posting that later on in the week, after the Wednesday PO visit to see Trenton.

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