November Links 1

My links for this week cover a wide Varity of topics a few of them might not be safe for work, and some might not even be safe for small children. That is all up to personal opinion, I looked at all of them at work, and I would not have many problems showing them to my son. I try to do my best to shield him as little as possible from life, and expose him to a little bit of everything. I do how ever educate him and use everything that he is exposed as a learning experience.
Life is all about learning. Too many people give up on learning and just leach through life, and turn them selves in consuming none productive blogs. Those people really bug me. I read more and learn more in a single day then some people will learn in a year or more. Well that being said on to my links.

  • Here is an example of what not to do on a motorcycle. parking your bike in a car would be a bad idea in my mind. In the case of this bike it was a life altering event for 3 people. I love speed and all, but there is a time and place for it. And one a country back road is not that place.
  • A cute little song titled “everyone knows it is a dildo” I have found a bunch of good videos on this Google video search thing. I am sure that their will more to share from time to time.
  • Trenton will love this one Odd back grounds for your web pages, most of them start to hurt my head after a while.
  • Here are a few cool illusions that have been posted to the web, to demonstrate that much of what we see is not real, that it is more of an interpretation of what we think that we see. Angery man changes as you get further away from him, try it even if you look funny in your office. The Pretty Green Dot is kind of cool to watch run around the screen.
  • Now this would have been great to play with when I had the Dell job and did most of my talking to may partner over the cell phone. A Blue tooth phone activated vibrator Much better then the USB one that you can control over the computer or the in room remote control egg that I have tried out in the past, this one would be able to be used any where, and activated from any where..
  • I have always wondered now this was done, and then someone posed a link about How to make Marshmallows and now I know how it is done.
  • personally I am afraid to go into to the store, but in the Dell days we worked with them, and in my normal life I like to learn about them as they are a very interesting entity. Here is a A good write up about the company that is called Wal-mart
  • yes I am obsessed with learning about Xbox things, not that I play that much I just like to know more about what is going on with it. The Xbox 360 is going to be bundled in all kinds of different ways. Here is the ridiculous bundle This one comes with a bi-curious model girlfriend. and here is a great new game for the console world An Xbox Personal trainer. we Might have to look into this one. Then finally in the Xbox world here is one of our new ads for the Xbox360, yes this one is For real, they actually did this
  • This Flamming bag of Poo might be a bit late for Halloween but it is till entertaining to watch.
  • CL likes to wait until the car makes noise and bugs her before she buckles her seat belt. Well maybe after watching these videos she will change her mind. buckle up of you could kill your friends, watch this guy fly out the window, and I have to wonder if this guy is dead or not this one is near and dear to my heart as I am a bit obsessed with media and storing parts of my life. I need to get me one of these cameras, and the back end database.
  • This guy is on a mission to save images and such from his entire life I want to know how he plans on getting everything into something that he can use and recall later on in life.
  • They make them look so real no a days you never know what you are getting. personaly I would take any of them
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