Zoo Weekend

This weekend the weather was mostly crappy, and we stayed in doors playing monopoly and video games. Age Of Empires III came out last week and I finally got a few copies from the Microsoft store. The first run was gone in a matter of minutes and I was late driving over there.

My Brother Darren and Trenton came over on Friday night and spent the night with us. We went out for dinner at blue C sushi. Love that place. This time we only had like 15 plates. The boys had noodles, and potatoes, and some Teriyaki Chicken, then skipped the fish. But then I did the same for the most part, was not very hungry. CL of course had about 9 plates of fish all to her self.
After Dinner we walked down the street a bit more to the Cold stone down in Fremont and had some ice cream. The boys had never been to such a place that they remembered. I took Trenton to one a few years ago, but the experience must have slipped his mind. CL had some pumpkin thing, Darren had cake batter with chocolate in it, and Trenton had cake batter with Snickers in it. From there we walked down the street some more to the PCC and got CL some huge Pomegranates to eat. She really loves those things.
Darren went home Saturday, and we spent the rest of the day hanging out at home, cooked up some corn bread and chili for dinner.
Sunday it almost got nice out, so we walked up the block to the WoodLand Park Zoo thanks to the prime card we got in for 9$ for the 3 of us.

We walked around the zoo for a few hours, saw the gorillas, some tigers, a bunch of bugs, some pigs that smelled a bit like cop, and then we got to watch a raptor show. The bird handlers flew the birds around for 20 minutes was cool to watch some of these big birds fly around on command and eat small rodents. After the zoo we went home and had some great pizza.

Then we went and watched a bit of Tyler’s recording down the street at Electrickitty Studios in Wallingford. The guy had a great setup, and what we heard of the recording sounded like The band was doing some great stuff. We did not stay to long, it was costing them money to be there so we did not want to interrupt. Then it was back home for some Monopoly and a ferry ride home.

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