Gift Wish List

IF you wanted to buy Kevin a Gift here is a Great list of things that he would love to get. Of course this list will be updated from time to time. So you might want to check back all the time.

If you do happen to get anything on this list, please email CL and let her know so that she can update the list. This way I will not get more then one of things, and I will not know what has been purchased. Thanks

  • For those that worry about me on my bike you might want to get me a Wireless weather station This one downloads information from
  • My WishListIf you are going to order, use this link, I will get a kick back :@:wave
  • A new Cooler air Intake for the Mini
  • An In car Computer system You can get them for 1800$ if you call and beg.
  • Barret Firearm the most powerfull weapon that a civilian can buy in the USA.
  • Morbo Demands a More then Curious Kit in a natural colour to use in various ways.
  • DOA4 for the 360 I bet that the Grafics will be insane. BUY IT NOW I say by going here and getting Dead or Alive
  • Big Yellow Box a TerraByte of NAS storage for 700$ with built in hub and router. Here is a better product write up But that is the same box for Twice as much. Wonder If I could swap the 250GB drives for bigger ones?
  • Door pocket dividers for the mini look like another nice place to store things
  • For all of the raceing that CL does in the car I think that we need the Rear stabilizer bar
  • Now this is super cool too. A saddle bag system for the Mini that goes under the boot lid to store some stuff, and make the trunk cleaner
  • The Mini would SOUND so much better with a nice Borla Exhaust system

    If you need to know where to send something email me and I will be more then happy to give you my shipping address [email protected]

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