Xbox360 So Close

Xbox Update time, We are 7 days from the launch of the Xbox. The excitement is building, I cannot wait to get my hands on my own Xbox 360 and start playing some games with the boys. Had some issues with my pre order, It got canceled :@:banghead:@:bomb due to lack of systems. So I had my money refunded then I went out and found a pre order some where else.

The annoying part is that the other pre order cost me twice as much. :@:hypnotized:@:eyepopping

Now I have a whole bunch of Xbox 360 links. That I have been building up for the past few weeks, and it is time to unload them”

  • Xbox Vs DreamCast why the 360 is the second coming of the Dreamcast.
  • Xbox1 commercial for you to compare to the newer “jump in” commercials.
  • These guys are sick they plan to buy an Xbox then smash it in front of people and then film the whole thing.
  • Mr Doody this one might not be in the best of taste but it is still mildly entertaining.
  • This poor kid Was SO close to making a touch down kick that it is not even funny. Poor boy.
  • This article talks about how Wal-mart is going to do their November 22 sales.
  • You can walk in to a Best Buy and buy one Here is how many will be in each store and then here is where to go to look up a store number
  • Video Walk Through of an Xbox 360 system it has mostly good things to say.
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