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I was talking to the sexie women in my life about where we want to drive to for our next road trip, as we have not had one since our honey moon. And we are in desperate need of putting some miles on the mini. And Leavenworth came up as a local destination that is kind of pretty.
CL says that sounds nice to her, but adds a condition. “only if I have never taken any other girl before”, and then adds “oh. And we are never going to Orcus island btw”
In a past relationship I spent a weekend on the island with a female partner. I of course find all of this very amusing and ask ” well I have slept with other women before, what are you going to do about that?” CL Smiles back to me, and says “I just don’t want to be romantic with you in a place that reminds you of your last romantic girl time”

Another great quote from the other night as I am walking out into the living room with out any cloths on setting the heater for the night, and I say something.

CL says “OH sexie man object speaks too!”

I don’t think that it can be said enough how perfect we are for each other. What above to some might sound like an argument or a “discussion” for us is just normal banter back and forth, taken with smiles and laughter. How it should be taken. Why some couples choose to make arguments out of things, or seek the advice of psychics like this is beyond me. Life should be simple and fun, no need to make conflict and be hurtfully to people.

Talk about Simple life, I am sitting here at my desk in some jean shorts that are WAY too tight in the leg, almost cutting off the blood flow and such. I am whining to CL about it and all. She comes back with the simple answer. Why don’t you change them? DOH! I do keep a spare pair of shorts in my drawer for just these times. I am so much more comfy.

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