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We have a rule in the house, that stems from nerdness, and having too much money. No CRTs allowed. CL and I were watching a move at one point this weekend, and Trenton wanted to play some Xbox. We have the 32″ Dell LCD, and a 5″ car LCD. Yup, that picture is Trenton playing the Xbox360 game Kameo on a 5″ LCD screen with head phones on. He said that it was not too bad, but that it would have been better on a bigger screen.

We lived our Digital life style this weekend, while Clint was over on Friday. This term and my realization came up in a meeting at work a while back when the concept came up and I demonstrated it with an example from our life. To demonstrate what I am on about I will share how things looked on Friday:

  • One couch had Me on my laptop working on stuff for work, I think the Release notes for Exchange Server “12” beta 1
  • On that same couch was CL on her laptop playing some Poker online and working on her sweep stakes.
  • The other couch had Clint catching up on Email, Porn, Poker, and other things on his laptop
  • Behind us on the Blue and pink gaming PC with the nice 19″ LCD is Trenton playing some Poker. He took a few breaks and played Kameo or Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox, but was mostly into Poker
  • On the TV we were watching It takes a Thief my favorite TV show right now. The show was recorded days earlier by the Windows Media Center PC that drives all of our Media Watching

    We don’t watch live TV anymore, or listen to CD’s, Or use a DVD player, or VCR due to the MCE machine. The MCE box holds all of our Music, Pictures, Videos, Recorded TV, and access to live TV. Then All of the computers in the house minus the servers, run on wireless. So we can move freely from room to room with the laptops, and even take the programming and media from the MCE box with us. Trenton will often sit in his room on his laptop and watch South Park that was recorded on MCE.

    I will work up a better post to explain how all of this is done, and what all we use it for at another time. For now on to my main reason for this post, To Port a heap of links that I have been stock pilling for weeks.

    The Links

  • A good bit of Joke and movies and such. They claim to be a rest stop on the information super highway. I never really liked that phrase, but oh well it seems to have stuck.
  • We love the MINI for it’s fuel economy size and looks. It seems that not too many people are loving the Hummer H2 or H1 according to this link and picture collection this dealer has a few million dollars worth of the cars just sitting in a parking lot, collecting dust. It will be so nice when Americans start to get smaller cars, and stop driving these huge things.
  • Look at how much better the Mini did vs this Full size ford. here are some more cool things to buy and do with a Mini or
  • This is a Great Middle East Photo Gallery Tons of Stuff on Dubai the new super cool hip city in the middle east with some crazy projects like islands built up in the shape of a map of the earth for sale. Or Islands shaped like Palm trees. The City currently has something like 10% of the cranes in the world all in production building things 24/7/356
  • CL was all over this site playing some old school Console classics the other day. They have thousands of games that we grew up on
  • I was talking to William the other day looking for a good CAM girl who I can watch at work. He did not know of any any more, but he did share with me this link of a good list of them. I have yet to make the time to find one. Maybe I will do that next week.
  • Ron Hubbard and his religion can always give me a laugh. Here is a link to some stuff about Scientology and crop circles of sorts that they have made in the desert of New Mexico. Under which seem to be metal etched works for Ron, to be used for future reincarnations that might come home to earth.
  • They are becoming more and more and part of our life, culture and sports world. This gaming event seems to have reached Prime time with a 500,000$ purse to the winner. This is going to be a norm for people to pursue this as a sport instead of football as a career here soon.
  • This is guy is super lucky while at the range shooting reloaded ammo that was done wrong he had a shell blow up and take the side of his gun with it Some how no one was hurt.

    I don’t want to post too many pages of crap, so this is all you get today. I will work up some more tomorrow.

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