Welcome MAPI

Introducing the newest Member of the Miller Family Mapi Meowington Miller. Pronounced (map-ee) MAPI is a Bengal kitty He is from a sixth generation litter that we got from a local breeder is very much into his cats, and loves them to death. The place that we got MAPI is called Covington Bengals fancy name as they are in Covington Washington. The People who run the place are named Josh and Jennifer; we meet them at their house and got our MAPI on Sunday of last week.

So far things are going ok between Pixel and MAPI. Last night Pixel sniffed at MAPI while he was sleeping and did not hiss at him. There seems to be a very complex process to introducing an older cat to a younger cat. That involves a lot of smells, and not getting in the way of each other. Right now we put the new kitten in one room and get the room all good and filled with his smells then put pixel in there and pay lots of attention to pixel for a while to make her accept the smells.

Hopefully by the end of the week we will be able to leave them in the same room and not have to constantly watch them. CL was telling me last night about where the cats smells come from so I have been rubbing MAPI’s neck and bum all over the places that Pixel loves to sleep to help mix the smell. MAPI has been wearing his harness and does not seem to mind it at all. After a few weeks of that and after he gets over his cold then I can start to take him for some walks.

Walking the cat is going to be fun, I hope the he beats up some dogs on our walks or something. Now that would be super cool. His harnes is of course pink, and I got one of those walkers where you can let the cord keep going as long as the animal needs, or lock it and keep them from going the wrong direction.

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