Death to Phone Trees

Widget says to me this morning “I have to say the new Dell tech support system SUCKS! I want to talk to a real person not a computer!
Being the great wise e Morbo the FSM I reply with “How to avoid those pesky phone trees. A new minutes later the Widget is telling me how great I am, that I have the most magnificent that she has ever seen or touched, I feel all pleased and the morning gets better.

I really hate the annoying pesky; phone trees, auto attendants, phone answering machines, voice prompts, or what ever else you want to call them. That is why this link is so brilliant and wonderful. It allows you to quickly click the right sequence, and then get to a human being. Who might be able to address your issue. One of the best bits of advice is to play like you are in the 1940’s and have a rotary dial phone. Do nothing and eventually the system will most likely just send you to a human thinking that you cannot type in numbers. I personally use that method all the time when I don’t have to worry about burning up Airtime minutes.

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