Good Smells and Oils

I was looking at some the ads on our page tonight and saw one for scented oils in Seattle, or was it this one and clicked on it. It sent me to a place that looks like a store front for the gal I used to get my stuff from in the Pike Place Market. I think that maybe this weekend CL and I will have to go down there and look around. That was a well placed AD Sold me on going to a place and buying something.

I like to do Massage, not that I get too much time to do this to CL lately as I have been spun up at work doing a bunch of stuff lately. Anyhow a Good massage is so much better with a great oil that has some great smells. If there is anyone in the Seattle area you should check out this store and go get some good stuffs, this lady hand makes all of her oils and they are great. Well they are great if this is the same lady that I am thinking of. If you are not super cool and do not live in Seattle then you can shop for Scented oils at Amazon

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