DIY wall displays

For those of you who like do it yourself (DIY) projects, here is a link about how to build your own LCD projector, at home using common household components. Personally I’ve become very lazy with things like this, and would most likely just go out in buy one. Unless the boy liked the idea and he wanted to learn about the technology then we would have to build one. Next year is going to be so much better for Trenton when he moves in with us, and he is able to explore things like this.

I bet if you could get the power consumption numbers right on this one, We could make one hell of a great looking wall display. It would need to be contained, or something. Other wise you would end up with a smell of Ozone I would think, but that would be the fun part for me and Trenton to figure out. After talking to Bob about this, he says that the power consumption would be small, little current with high voltage. Charge up some compactors real slow like then fire them all off at once to make the pretty lightening bolt.

One we finished off those projects we could work on some other projects to maximize the space that we live in. We could build something like Domino’s to sell one-of-a-kind “Ultimate Man Cave Couch”Or maybe we could pitch a “pimp my couch” show and get to produce a TV show. When space is limited why not add all of these things into the couch? Then you don’t have to run the cords as far across the room and such.

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