Food and cleaning Week

Last week started off as being very busy for me at work and home, then it calmed down at work mid week after Beta 1 of Exchange Server “12” shipped, and the home life got real busy. We shipped the Beta 1 build of Exchange Server “12” this last week to 1500 beta program participants. One of my roles in that was writing the release notes. They started at about 2 pages long and ended up being 20 pages by the time they were ready to go out the door. I would not call them done, as I am expecting more changes to need to go into them over the life of the beta. On a good note after about 24 hours of work We are finally running Exchange Server “12” at home for the email server. That is another story for another post.

Enough work talk. Wednesday Peter showed up, in town. We hung out a work a bit, then headed off to fries so I could get some stuff for gifts, from there we came back to the house where I jammed on some work stuff. After that was all done it was off to the Space Needle for dinner We were originally going to go to some fish place that Jissi suggested but Peter figured that since CL had never been to the needle that we should go there.

Dinner at the needle was great as always, minus the bones in my chicken. When I order a 40$ plate of chicken I really do not expect to have any bones in my bloody dinner. Dinner the next night was at PF Changes, that was much better food if you ask me. I really love the fancy Chinese food that we had for dinner that night.

After the week of excellent food week we went over to port orchard for the weekend and worked on the house over there. Before working on the house Clint, Trenton and I went over to Genes and Helped him move into their new house That was a pretty fun time. We took 3 U-haul truck loads over there by 1 and then we took off while they were still working on stuff. At the old house, later that weekend; we cleaned up some stuff, took apart my bed, Painted a wall, meet with a realtor, took pictures of a bunch of stuff, helped gene move, put a bunch of stuff up for sale on craigslist, walked around the yard and let CL see what all I owned, Trenton got a chance to drive his 4 wheeler around.

All in all it was a good weekend. And here we are Friday of this week about to head back over there for Christmas weekend.

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