After Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, another year to wait for the next one. Hopefully by then we will have found spaces to put the stuff that we came home with this year. We got a bunch of Home Depot gift cards. The plan is to use those to finish off some more painting projects.
I actually did some manual labor on Monday. Did some work with my hands to get some parts ready for some stuff for the house. Here is a picture of me using a belt sander to clean up some rough cut lumber.

I finished the shelves off today by installing them in our hall closet. They are 38″ wide by 26″ deep. We’ve so far been able to store a bunch of stuff in there. All of my riding gear, bunch of tools, paint supplies, luggage, and a bunch of other stuff. Tried to get a picture, but I could not get a good angle. Here are the three that I got if you are interested It seems that I measured the upright height wrong but was able to get around that. Once I cut out a notch for the dryer vent I can put the last shelve in that goes over the top of the washing machine. In a small condo you have to use every bit of space.
As a random link these bits look like a nice lot of fun to play with if you had a metal wall. Trenton might like these if he was a bit younger. Speaking of the boy he is here for the next week. Shoud be fun we dont have too much planned, other then just spending some time together. Enough for now, time to bit a of some movie watching.

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