Snow Cats

Spent the last 5 days not working, came back to work today. Work is a total ghost town. Breakfast is not even being served this week since so few people are here. I was forced to go to the Starbucks stand, and have a bagel for breakfast. Almost just had 2 V8s, but I know that would have left me too hungry snacking on junk till lunch time. Looking at the menu website it seems that they will be serving Lunch just with shorter hours. Good thing or I might just have to go home and eat lunch there and not come back.

I spent about an hour this morning ripping music from my new Garth Brooks CD box set. My plan was to copy all of the music from the 5 CD’s to one CD in MP3 format to have less clutter in the car. The first time I burned them I did it all in WMA format. Because of that I had to delete all of the files and rip it again to MP3 format. If only I had some blank CDs I could then make the one for the car.

After a week vacation, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather be home, then here at work. I really want to own my own time and be able to do things like take off six months and go hang out with this guy on Antarctica and explore new places. After that to be able to come home and just veg out for a while till I want to go some where else and do something else. The hard part is trying to figure out how to get into that position. As always I am tossing around a few business ideas in my head, but have not started any of them yet. I really should just stop with the being lazy, and the excises and just go out and start something. Not like it is going to get easier. The sooner that I start something, the sooner that I can be all done working.

Think of how fun it would be to drive one of these around in the snow.

This is an experimental new design by the British for use in the artic. It has a tethered dummy that rolls about 30 meters in front of it with a deep scan sonar attached. The sonar is used to look for deep crevasse that might swallow up things like cars and people. In the ice they are one of the most dangerous things next to the cold. One minute you are moving along and the next you have fallen hundreds of feet into a hole. The faster you can clear that way in front of you the faster you can travel on the ice.

Seems that the Brits have a whole host of things going on in the snow and ice. Any number of these locations of operations would be super fun to join in on for a short time during the summer.

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