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The past and mythology have always been things that fascinate me and consume my attention. With a lack of understanding of nature, and how things work, man has often made up stories about things to make things simpler to understand. These stories often turn into religions and guiding rules for the life of those that believe in them. These religions have then been used by those that seek power to enslave and control populations, or worse to work to destroy other populations.

Most of these ideas have been completely distilled by greater access to more in-depth knowledge about the workings of the universe. But some of them continue to hold on to the minds of those that have a need to believe in things, and cannot except that things are in their own control. Some others hang on out of not knowing any better, and being brain washed by their parents and those in the environment that they live in.

The belief in blind faith is something that is not debatable. There is no proof other the words of people who own the religion. I don’t subscribe to blind faith, I need proof before I believe in things. That brings me to the link that I was going to post. There is a Trial going on in Italy where a judge has asked a man to prove that Christ did in fact live. Here is the link,,13509-1967413,00.html

Have fun reading it, we will try to keep up on it, and post any follow-ups that we might find.

Then you get those people are really trying to hold on to old ideas. They claim this thing called Intelligent Design, where a “higher power” helped us to come to be. They claim that it would be impossible for humans to come to be with out the help of someone smarter. I mean look at how well we are designed. Personally I think that humans are horribly designed and are a complete abortion of function.

We do get along ok, but for the most we could be built so much better. If were designed by an intelligence, then that intelligence had a great sense of humor, or it was not very smart at all. We are already very close to building a much better life form then our selves. We have computers with more storage, better storage, that calculate faster, and can last much longer then we can. All we are really lacking is a sufficient power source for a body that can make it portable.

The best way to show the Intelligent design is wrong in my mind, is to show how we are stupidly designed. Here are a few links that talk about stupid design.

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