Day one of Work with Dell

Another Blast from the Past .. January 4th. 2003

I am on a contenitial flight some where over a snowy landscape. It has been white below since we left the PNW. either clouds or snow covered landscape. Pretty much everything is white. So far so good on this flight, no mishaps at the airport, other then the very long Q to get into to the airport, and then the longer Q to get through air port security. Got here with plenty of time, and got on the plane all the way in the back. To have a nice cheese roll and watch Bruce almighty .

I did have an observation in the airport. It has now become completely ok to talk to your self in public, to laugh and be loud and carry on entirely with your self. As long as you have a wire coming out of your ear. I might use this somewhere for some entertainment. Stick a wire out of my ear and just talk and laugh. But not be on the phone. And now I am off to read about 32 megs of email from this year that I missed out on due to all of the other stuff going on in my world that has detracted from the things I enjoy.

Now it is the 5th, and I just got back from my first real day of work for Dell. Not too bad. It is really looking like I will not be doing much more then taking notes, talking to people, writing things up, and teaching. No more real hands on work. This might be fun!! No more office, no more people coming to bug to me, just show up take over a room with my laptop and have some fun for a few days in a Hotel. Oh my lord This hotel I am in, the W, has the most comfortable Hotel bed I have ever been in before, it has a nice down pillow top on it.. VERY NICE!!! And a kinger to boot. Made for me each day by someone else.

On the forth the pipes in the house froze up. Called Clint today he still has not water, which means no heat. I hope he can figure it all out and get some water back in the house and that not too many of the pipes blow up as it is all plastic and it will not be very simple to fix. Not my problem right? As I am not going to be home for a few more weeks. I am sure I will have to pay to have it all fixed but Clint will do all of the work that is going to be so nice!!! Wohooo.. He seems to think that he is going to be put in dish washer as well. That would be great. Who knows what I am going to get to go home too.

This morning for breakfast was a egg white omelet with honey roasted tomatoes and goats cheese. It was super great tastic. Then for lunch I had some big Japanese noodles with chicken and some vegetarian spring rolls.

Now I am headed down to meet up with Casey and go out to dinner, in pants no less. Man I hate these things.. Well so far that is my report. Very boring I know. Maybe something good will happen tomorrow…No impression of NY yet as I have not been out there much, I don’t have to start work till 10 tomorrow so I will go on walk about and get some ideas of how I like the stuff.

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