Took the Offer from Dell

This is a Little ditty that I wrote on 11/22/2003 about takeing the offere from Dell. Was looking for some old files and I came across this and felt like posting it.

Well here I am Friday night 11:55 and I am just now getting on the ferry to head home. What a long ass week this has been. The down sides we got about ½ what we wanted to get done, done, I got next to no sleep, and we did not have time to head to any strip clubs. On the up sides we did get a bunch done, and what we did went well. And of course we had a great time in the process. I think one of the highlights had to be at dinner last night. I am full on out of it as I had an allergy attack mid day and took my 6 benadryl to help get over it. Any how Ron and I are feeding off of each other just going off on totally out there odd tangents, when he just Blurts out to mark. So have you have ever seen a grown man nekkad? And right over his shoulder bending to get a plate is his waitress. She had a hard time keeping a strait face. But some how she did. We all burst out laughing at the table.

We did not get to the office in Vancouver until about midnight. Caleb and Bill had been there for a few hours getting things started, but were no where near done. You can see Caleb Dragging and Bill looks far gone. He is drunk on being tired. So I bust out my in charge voice, and say “ we are done lets head to the hotel “ they all kind of look at me “ umm now 1,2,1,2 buddy, get the hell out here” Finally they all get in the cars and we head the ½ hour down the road to the Hilton in lake Oswego. No it was not Paris Hilton, and no Ron could not find any one named Paris there, But he did have some video that has been going all over the internet. He said in the morning that the video kept him up all night Not that we got much sleep to the hotel in at about 2 and up again at 5:55 to go have some breakfast and get out to the offices.

It was more of a nap and shower. We ran Thursday from about 8 till 8 with out a stop for lunch of anything. And only got one office done where we were planning for 2 oh well such is life. Things take time and with all things like this you can never plan for everything. We had fun during the day talking about all the agents. There were some cuties there. And the office was a total maze I got lost a few times and had to just put my right hand on the wall and walk till I made it some place I could figure out where I was. Then as always things broke back in Washington and I had to fix them. T

This place is going to fall apart when I leave. Bill and I talked today, he is nervous. He can really see it after these past 2 days. No one seems to have the skill or direction to make the simple things happen like him and I do. Things just fall apart and we have to slap people around. Only problem is he will have no one on staff with the mind to do the work so he will slap people and nothing will happen. Oh well life goes on. I am headed out to lunch this week with Alice a gal who might fill my shoes. She has the skills I just need to figure out if she can fit in with the team. As we are a tight team.

Last night the office we ended at had an otis spunkmeyer cookie oven So I baked cookies for my boys. Mmm those things were good. I got to get me one of those at home!! Or maybe I just need someone at home that likes to bake? Either of those would work out well for me.

Today we got up to snow all over the place. It was coming down hard as we drove to the office we were working at and kept on snowing while we worked. Did not stick real bad anyplace near us. We did see a great deal on the ground when we got back into Washington . But nothing too exciting. Maybe we can get a bunch this weekend. The down side of the snow is that I might have to drive a car to work huh? That just is not going to be fun What if it breaks down like the last time I drove my car to work?

After dropping Ron and Mark off I went by the office and dropped off all the kit. Then I did some office cleaning while I have a car there. Took all my books, and trinkets, and my cd’s some parts I had there, my blanket and pillow and all of my cloths. I pretty much live in the office. Amazing how much crap I have in there. But this is a start in moving out.

I got a call from Dell today. We got my list of stuff all figured out and they are going to ship it to my home. I get a computer, monitor, printer, cell phone, desk phone, docking station, key board and kit, some office supplies. And as an added bonus they are going to pay for me to get a land line phone, and have high speed internet at my house. That will save me a good 100$ a month. This job is going to be great I get all kind of spoiled. We also went over my schedule for my first week. I start at 8 on Monday and get my badge and some orientation. Then some training till Wednesday ending the week at the dell production factory to have a 4 hour tour. That should be fun. Then I get to hop on a plane and fly home.

I am going to miss my guys. I have so much fun where I am and get treated so well But it is sounding like I will get the same where I am heading Just some big changes in life, a big transition to leave behind all and who that I loved for the past 2 years to start all over again in a very different world. New challenges and people to meet. Maybe in this future I can actually meet the right person. Ron introduced me on the ride home to some of sailor days tricks. The one that sticks out the most has to be the fudgey marshmallow you whip you ass on some ones pillow then leave the stank side down. Wait till morning walk up the person and ask them why the smell so much like ass. And laugh at the fact that they were smelling something all night and had no clue where it was coming from. Another had to be when he wrapped a guy up in tin foil and had him go stand on the front of the boat and twirl and wave about, Telling the guy he was using him to tune the radar.

I am so glad that I was never a sailor with Ron on the boat with me. Ferry is landing now. Now arriving south worth. So I am going to head home and spend a night in my bed. I miss my bed. It is so very comfy with all that nice foam on top.. mmm bed..

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