Rainier 2001

I found some more old stuff. This I wrote on my Ipaq

Camping at MT Rainer November of 2001

Trenton is very happy and busy cutting a log while Ross and holy have left to get more wood. In real life they have left for some sex. I am boiling some sausage for dinner while the potatoes cook near the enormous fire that Ross has built.

Ross has gone completely mad with the fire it is insane. He must think we are at a bone fire rave.

It is now a bit later near the time of 7 pm. We left home this morning at about 10, by the time we picked Ross and holly up from Ross’s house, She could not find her tent, that was promised, but alas Ross purchased a new one at Wal-Mart. It is a 6 man tent. Big and complicated to erect, never the less very well suited for camping in a group. The orange tent even has a wall in middle. We went for a short hick in the afternoon up a nearly dry river bed. Their was great evidence of the rivers seasonal might, in the size of the river bed and flood control throughout the camp grounds. Upon fist arrival to the park we drove to paradise a very large round building designed as a visitors center with a detached lodge. No camp grounds up there. We drove nearly back to the entrance before locating open grounds.

holly is sitting here talking with Trenton while Ross is off gathering more wood for the ever growing fire. That was all written with the hand writing recognition. Not too bad

It is now Monday after we have returned, unpacked, showered, and slept in our own beds. My Ipaq did not seem to like the sub 30 degree temp. Note to self, next time you camp in the winter sleep with the computer at your feet to keep it warm.

What else happened on our trip.

At about 7 or so, a couple drove up to our camp site and parked. Trenton grabbed a flashlight and wondered over there to say hi. He ended up inviting them over. They were Scott and I don’t remember her name, a Boat geek and teacher from Seattle. They live on a 36′ sail boat, and drive a Vanagon camp bus. With the roof that lifts up. We talked about the fire for a while. Then headed off to sleep.

Some where in the night Trenton got cold, so into my sleeping bag he came. Talk about cramped Quarters. We woke in the morning to cook some Hash. Broke down camp, then off to the snow to play for the day. We made it as far as the rangers camp and the road was closed. To be opened at 9. 10 o’clock rolled around, and we rolled out. Trenton was a bit disappointed. But all in all we had a good trip.

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