My IM name

MORBO... All should bow before his greatness

Some one asked me today what My IM name meant. That was a fun one to answer. Here is what I came up for links to answer the Question. My name is !E Morbo the FSM – Kancho Warrior this name is made up of many parts. Lets look at each one of them in the following list:

  • !e Short for Naughty. As the ! = NOT and the E= E. NOT+E = Naughty
  • Morbo Would of course be the evil alien talking head from the TV show futurama
  • FSM refers to the anti-ID create called the Flying Spaghetti Monster He and his noodle appendages created everything.
  • Kancho Warrior Referees to a Japanese game where fingers are inserted in another players butt.
  • And there you have the parts of my current IM name. Who knows when it will change next and I will have to write this up again. For now this will remain accurate.

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