I was looking at some of our Banners ads this morning and one came up for this thing called Workamping I had to click on it to figure out what it was all about. Sounds like a great way to retire, or take a break from real life for a while to me. You get free admission, and a place to camp / park your RV at a camp site, and a small salary for taking care of the place for X amount of time.

Not as great of an idea as buying a Bed and Breakfast on the meditation Coast and running it, But not too bad of any idea.

Then add in this Shipping Idea and you can make money hauling things from one Camp ground to the next camp ground. This company lets you bid on hauling things from one location to the next. Looks like a great way to suppliment a long road trip, or to get something from one place to the next.

I’ve been looking for a good road trip, this might be a fun want to take one. find something worth hauling, for the right price and haul it. The goal would be to get enough to pay for fuel. Will have to talk to CL about this idea.

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