The house

Last night we sold the Port Orchard house . it was on the market for a total of about 40 hours before I got multiply offers. Guess that we should have listed it for more Money. Here are a few more pictures of the place. I was on my way over to the house to help Clint with some cleaning when I got a call from Jennifer, our realtor, asking me some questions about the house. I told her that I would be there in like 2 minutes to just hold on.
When I got to the house there were a few parties looking at the house already. Bob the builder was looking at the house and asked a bunch of questions. One of his last Questions was, “Would you take 200k, I already have the money we can close in 15 days.”

WOW, ok the house has been on the market for less then 2 days and I already have an offer. Jennifer tells me that we have another offer on the place that is an all cash offer. So we hold off on taking that offer to see if the other offer will come in as a full price offer or better. While I was at the house a total of 4 different parties looked at the house.

All said and done I will have made 100k off of the house in about 3 years time. Seems like a lot of money. But the house cost me about 50k in payments, and then another 14k that I put into the place to get it where it is today, plus all of the time, plus the payments to the realtors who were involved in selling the place, say 10k. So in the end I put about 75k into the place, and will make 25k off of it in 3 years time. I did get the benefit of having the house as a bit of a tax write off. But I don’t feel like I really made that much money.

With how I am doing stock wise this last year I think that I could have done better investing 1300$ a month then I could have done buying a house that I hardly lived in. In the future if I plan on making any money off of land it is going to be in the form of a very short term investment or in the form a mini storage.

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