Damed Ferry Bastards

Washington State Ferries (WSF) is raising the rate for bikes by 14% this year vs. 6% that they are raising for everything else. They claim that bikes are now bigger in comparison to cars. My bike is smaller and lighter then the average bike in its class from years ago, and SUVs and trucks are much bigger then cars were when they started this classification.   Know of anyone else you can forward this too, who will sign this petition and complain.

On my route the southworth / Fauntleroy run lets calculate something.

Car and Driver one way        8.20
Bike and Driver one way      3.60

1/5 of 8.20$ is 1.64$  while 1/4 of 8.20$ is 2.05$

Well you might argue that if a Passenger is 4.70$ both ways the a car fare is really less, so lets say 2.35 one way. So a car really costs 5.85$ and a bike costs 1.25$. Lets do this math again with that in mind.

1/5 of 5.85$ is 1.17$  while 1/4 of 5.85$ is 1.46$

Well I guess I did not prove anything, other then the ferry bastards are punks who are trying to rape us in the arse.

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