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Some one asked on an internal list this morning if any one know of any good Wireless speakers. I suggested the Saitek speakers that we got from http://www.woot.com/ for CL. Well someone else on the list Suggested the device pictured above called the Squeezebox Looks like a pretty cool device to me. Works off of Ethernet or 802.11G and allows you full access to all of your music. With RCA out it can be connected to any amplifier.

Last night CL and I were talking about Buying or Building a new house and one of the things that she wanted was a Whole house PA / Speaker system. I like the idea of that with controls in each room to be able to control the volume, but what would be even better would be controls in each room to pick what was going to played, and control the volume. The only problem would be being able to override that and play one thing everyone when you wanted too. I bet if I looked hard enough I could find a system to do that.

All kinds of fun things to think about when you are customizing a house. L:ke 5 minutes later I found this thing http://www.sonos.com/products/?tref=ghome Kind of looks more like what I want. As an added bonus it is pretty too..

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