We got some new Floor

What a week we had last week. Clint came over Sunday night for a job interview Monday morning at a company called Bio-rad. After the interview we headed home and set out to remove all of the carpet and trim from the living room, and hallways in the Condo. We loaded it all up into his Truck for him to take to the dump and get rid of.

Clint stayed the night and took off in the morning. The next day CL started in on the painting of the walls. She was on a mission to rid to house of that nasty green suede paint crap that covered most of the walls. We picked some colours that we ended up not liking at all. As a remedy to our lack of ability to select colours we called in the big Guns. We got online with the Eties and looked at the Behr website and they helped us pick out the perfect colours.

I got some wild hair and decided that we needed to paint a white line all the way around the top of the walls at the corner between the ceiling and the wall. Above is a picture of CL doing that painting. After days of painting and living with concrete floors we were finally ready to put in the floor. Clint came over on Friday, we went to Ikea to pick up the maple laminate flooring, We had dinner at the Keg, and watched a movie. Then in the morning we locked our selves out of the house, went to home depot, and hand some breakfast. Then we came home and had CL let us in, and we started in on the floors.

It took almost all day to get all of the little bits cut to fit right. At 6 PM Clint headed home and we sat down and enjoyed our floor, Doing pretty much nothing for the rest of the night as we were all tired from the work that we did that day. The floor turned out great, and the new colours on the walls look wonderful.

We could not have done it with out the help of Trenton and Clint, they were both very helpful in getting the floor installed and completed. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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