Clint Turns 29

Been a week since we made a post about stuff and stuff, so here is a quick update as to what is going on in our lives, in no order what so ever. Last night Clint moved in to Trenton’s room for a bit. He got a job over in Redmond and needs a place to stay that is a bit closer to work. For the next month or more he is going to stay with us and carpool with me to work. Until he gets some pay checks under his belt and figures out what he wants to do for a place to live.

To get ready for that this weekend I put a new closet system in the closet in that room, Spilt it to be half, one half is shelves, and the other half is a hanging area, with 2 full shelves above everything. Turned out pretty nice, should give him a lot more space in the closet. Of Course the servers are still in the closet, but they do not take up too much space. CL cleaned up the room, and made the bed with fresh sheets.
This is a picture of the mini all loaded up with the shelves and some stuff from a shopping trip. I love how much stuff we can fit in this tiny car.
LoadedMini.001 (Small).jpg

After I finished the Closet, I went down into the parking garage and ran the wire, and mounted my solar charger so that I can get some juice to my bike. It was nice out and I really wanted to get back on the bike. The battery is so dead that the charger would not cut it. Tonight when I get home the plan is to put it on a full sized charger. Hit it with 10 or more amps and hopefully that will give it enough amps to revive the battery. If that does not work then I guess that I will have to go buy another battery for my bike that is not even a year old. That is what I get for letting it sit too long in the winter with the Alarm draining all of the power.

Last Week we went to the PO on Wednesday for a birthday part for Clint. We went to the mediocre Mexican place again. The Food is ok. They have good service I will say that. They did real well with a party of 20. Someone tricked them into putting the hat on my dads head for a sec when they came out to sing the song. He quickly moved it over to Clint’s head where it belongs. Clint’s mother and father in law were there, and as a big deal his sister, who is normally 2 hours later, was actually only 5 minutes late. After dinner we went back to the house and played some Uno after eating cake and ice cream.

Here is a picture of Clint getting the hat on
ClintsBirthday.2006 018 (Small).jpg

CL and I are forcing each other to go to the gym on a regular basis now. We are on a mission to get into some better shape. CL wants to lose a few pounds, the last few being the ones that she wants off, and of course those are always the hardest to lose. I want to lose about 20 pounds, hopefully they start to come off instead of coming on like they have been since we started going. I am trying to just blame the gain on more muscle. Time will tell. We took body measurements over the weekend. Now we have a starting to point to measure against.

For now that is about it for now, that I am in the mood to talk about.

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