Happy Vantines day, or Singles Awareness Day

Happy Valentines day, or Singles Awareness Day which ever the day might be for you. We have a bunch of Hallmark holidays, as we call them, here in the USA. They are holidays that exist as an excuse, almost a requirement for men to buy their women cards, and gifts and such. Valentines day is typically card, flowers, candy, some stuffed thing, , maybe shinny objects and a fancy romantic date some where. This day is becoming a serious hit to a gentleman’s wallet.

For example, a bouquet of 99 roses (almost guaranteed you won’t be lonely that night) costs only $198!

Missing a valentines day with some women is an event that would require them to split up with you. It is very much becoming a day of how creative, and how much money will my man spend on me to prove that he loves me. But women swear that they are not materialistic. I really dislike the attitudes that some women are growing. I need a big ring to prove to me that my man loves me.
I saw the best diamond ad once. It was simple “a happy wife equals a happy life” then it had ads for diamond rings starting at 10,000$. In my mind I think of 10,000$ as something that can effect our ability to retire earlier, or take a chunk out of our collective debts and put us in a better finical state. I see those things as things that should make my wife happy much more so then a shinny piece of glass for her finger.
The glass on the ring, Man made diamonds are now as good if not better then nature made diamonds, but to knowingly give one as a gift is big taboo in the world of the American women. A 100$ ring that is bigger and looks better then a 10,000$ ring is an insult to give as a gift. So it is really not even about the shinny object it is more about what will my man spend on me.
I could so go off on this for a long time. That is enough about that. I thankfully don’t have to worry about these things, I have a perfect wife. We are a team in life and work together to achieve our common goals that do not include buying hugely expensive things to show off, or prove, how we feel for each other.
Have the perfect wife is a brilliant thing~! Everyone should give it a try, it is a great thing. One of the best examples of how well we work together would be the kitchen ferry routine. I greatly enjoy cooking, so I cook almost all of the meals that we eat. CL enjoys cleaning so she cleans up after most of the meals that we eat. She normally does the cleaning after I have fallen sleep on the couch. So I call her my kitchen ferry. I go to sleep and wake up to a clean kitchen. It is a truly brilliant thing.
That rant being said, and my office mate now getting our port turned back on, I am going to end this post with a nice Valentines day card from the Hoff.

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